Bootleg Ground Outlets – Common Inspection Defects

Bootleg Ground on Outlet

Electrical outlets are the unsung heroes of our homes, providing power to our devices and appliances. However, there’s an underlying concern that plagues many households: bootleg ground outlets. Often unnoticed, these outlets pose a significant safety hazard, potentially risking electrical fires and harm to appliances and individuals. Understanding what bootleg ground outlets are, how to…

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Testing AFCI and GFCI Breakers and Outlets – Homeowner 101

Testing AFCI breakers

Testing AFCI and GFCI Outlets and Breakers GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) and AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) breakers and outlets are two types of electrical safety devices that are designed to protect homeowners from electrical shock and fire. However, these devices can become faulty over time, so it’s important to test them on a…

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Reverse Polarity Outlets – Common Inspection Defects

Reverse Polarity Outlet

Reverse Polarity Outlets A common defect found when inspecting the electrical system in a home are reverse polarity outlets.  When found, it’s typically a sign of a non-professional repairs completed by a homeowner or an inexperienced handyman. Reverse polarity outlets occur when the hot (black) and neutral (white) wires are flipped. In this situation, the…

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