"Do I Really Need an Inspection?"

You know the old saying "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover?"

Well, the same applies to the home.  "Don't Judge a House by its Façade."

Whether buying a 100-year-old home in the historic district, or building your dream home, an inspection is vital in the home buying process.  After falling in love with a home, the inspection is your chance for an unbiased report on the homes health.   Many times, home issues go unnoticed until its too late, and that's when pennies can start adding up.

It may start with the kitchen door sticking.  You don't think too much about it and chalk it up to age.  Maybe, there are a couple of kitchen floor tiles that have cracked, or the kitchen cabinets are no longer square where the corner meets.  Alone, these issues might not be of any concern, but together they may be warning signs of a bigger issue.  A home inspection looks at all the issues to help determine if there is any safety or function concerns.

Every area of the property from top to bottom is inspected.  Including the exterior, lot grading, roof, windows and doors, coverings, structure, electrical, HVAC equipment, plumbing, appliances, etc. (List of Inspected Items)  All of the information is compiled and included in a report that provides clear findings along with quality color photos.  Finally, by the time we are complete, you will understand every item.

If problems are found, the inspection may provide you with your only opportunity for relief.  Either by allowing you to withdraw an offer or by negotiating repairs into your final offer.  Above all, the inspection is a reference when performing home maintenance and repairs.

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