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Inspecting Every Home as if it Were Our Own!

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Inspecting Every Home as if it Were Our Own!

Inspecting Every Home as if it Were Our Own!

  • Every home inspection is performed as if we were buying the house ourselves.
  • We want to you to know and understand your new home, so we welcome you to accompany us during the home inspection.
  • Every inspection comes with a detailed home inspection report, including color photos and videos, delivered within 24 hours.
  • Questions are welcomed and highly encouraged.  Whether it is at the home inspection or after you have read the report, we are here to help answer any questions you have.  You free to call, text or email us when questions come up.
  • Every home inspection is conducted with the strict InterNACHI standard of practice and code of ethics.

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Inspector Patterson's Blog

Testing AFCI breakers

Testing AFCI and GFCI Breakers and Outlets – Homeowner 101

April 30, 2023

Testing AFCI and GFCI Outlets and Breakers GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) and AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) breakers and outlets are two types of electrical safety devices that are designed to protect homeowners from electrical shock and fire. However, these devices can become faulty over time, so it’s important to test them on a…

Leaking gutter seams.

Gutters and Downspouts – Common Inspection Defects

February 6, 2023

Gutters and downspouts are one the most important components in controlling stormwater around your home.  Properly installed and functioning gutters and downspouts effectively move water away from the home, preventing it from saturating the perimeter and foundation.  Poorly installed and maintained gutters and downspouts can result in water infiltrating the home, resulting in foundation issues,…

Dishwasher High Loop – Common Inspection Defects

January 30, 2023

The Dishwasher High Loop Poor dishwasher drain line configuration is a common defect found during an inspection.  Thankfully, fixing the dishwasher high loop is typically an easy fix that you can correct in matter of minutes.  If you have no earthly idea what the dishwasher high loop is, or why it’s important, your in the…

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